R&D Chemist

  1. Formulate product prototypes and evaluate them for chemical and physical properties, performance, and stability
  2. Develop new formulations for different personal care products and skin care products utilizing in-depth knowledge of chemical Ingredients and processes that meet the desired technical and aesthetic attributes specified by the Company.
  3. Prepare and provide samples for laboratory and field testing for efficacy and safety of new formulations and finished products
  4. Prepare lab batches of formulas needed for submitting samples for customer analysis within the lab schedule, and reformulate/resubmit them based on customer feedback.
  5. Maintain a detailed and organized lab notebook with detailed observations while making lab batch
  6. Develop a detailed lab scale process for success including order of addition, critical raw materials and processing parameters, bench standard and benchmark, and lab-scale preliminary specification and test results
  7. Perform and monitor stability utilizing approved stability protocol, and re-formulate if the initial formula is unstable. Improve current formulations of existing products as needed
  8. Conduct research on product formulations and properties of raw materials; identify, inspect, analyze, and evaluate incoming raw materials in accordance with required specifications, as well as R & D technologies to assess technical performance;
  9. Establish product specifications, protocols, techniques, procedures, and target completion dates as required for R & D projects. Communicate all information regarding formulation, project status, costing, and results to all appropriate individuals, maintaining confidentiality requirements
  10. Obtain data and information required for regulatory submissions and patent applications
  11. Perform/Monitor calibration and validation of all lab instruments
  12. Maintain a clean, safe, and well-organized lab working area.

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