Things to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Job

When applying for a job, one of the basic filters we use is SALARY and POSITION.  But here are some additional questions you should ask yourself when applying for a full time job:

1.  Am I ready for a commitment?  Job seeking is treated often like dating and there are many who date just to feel good, kill time, to fill a void, and gain some experience.  The end result is broken hearts, wasted money, and wasted time for both parties!  The best piece of advice is apply to jobs ONLY when you’re ready for a commitment of at least 6 months to 1 year minimum.

2.  Do I have a life situation that will interfere with my commitment?  These situations can include an ailing parent you have to care for, lack of childcare, marital instability, or your spouse’s work that could force you to abruptly move.  While we all need money, applying for full time work might not be the solution for you and that’s OKAY. There are gig assignments, project based employment, part-time employment, or freelance opportunities if you need flexibility.  (Jobozuki has these openings, too!)

3.  How long is the commute to work?   When choosing companies, factor in the time and cost of your commute.  Working back in the office is inevitable.  If you’re lucky to find a work from home job or a hybrid set-up – that’s great!  But as the pandemic nears its end, make sure the company you choose is geographically desirable to you or that you’re willing to relocate.

4.  What other streams of income can I find?  Let’s face it.  Not everyone is in the position to command their dream salary.  This takes an investment of time, years of experience, and sometimes more education.  So when your skillset and chosen industry can’t garner the salary you want, what other ways can you bridge the gap?  You might be missing out on a great full-time opportunity and a step in the career path of your choice because you’ve limited the recruiters with your asking salary.

5.  What ideals do I have about work that aren’t realistic?  Work is not synonymous with fun.  That’s why it’s called work and companies pay a salary for the effort you exert.  Hobbies, enjoyment, and entertainment are things we usually pay for and not get paid for.  Unrealistic ideals about what working is like can cause you to feel very frustrated once employed.  It can cause you to waste opportunities because you’re busy looking for a magical unicorn that doesn’t exist.  The right attitude comes from a right perspective, and examining your ideals is a good first step before finding a job.

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